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Suspended Chimeneas Articulare is Fireplace Magic

Designed by Belen Moneo Feduchi for Chimeneas in Barcelona, Spain, the Articulare Fireplace is a stunning example of minimalist design. A clean and simple flu, suspended from a ceiling, widens its stack as it nears the point of the fire zone. When not in use the “mouth” of the fireplace can remain open or close up tight. At only 70Wx240Hx56.6L cm, the fireplace boasts a sleek and narrow profile so as not to take up much needed floor space. Not that it actually takes up any space on the floor. How fun would it be to pull up a chair and tuck you feet below the Articulare while you warm your hands on a cool winter’s evening? What’s extra awesome about this fireplace is the fact that it is made from 100% recyclable materials located within a 250km range of the manufacturing site.

The Articulare is made of polished 2mm thick sheet steel with the exception of the grill which is 4mm thick. Painted with matte black with a thermal resistance of 950 degrees Celsius, the painting is set with a glazed anticaloric component. built by highly skilled craftsmen, the fireplace is as well constructed, as it is magically beautiful – and it most definitely is a magical beauty.
DAE Chimeneas


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