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Super Compact Sauna by Duravit – Inipi B

The Inipi B Sauna by Duravit is so super compact that you can install it right in a regular sized bathroom. A lot of the time, we put home saunas in other spaces, like the basement, because the sauna requires quite a lot of room. But thanks to Duravit’s collaboration with design studio EOOS, we have to option to easily fit a modern sauna into our bathroom and turn turn it into a real relaxing oasis. The one person compact version measures only 120cm X 120cm, while the two person compact version measures 240cm X 120 cm. It’s also designed to be easily assembled and disassembled, so whether you are living in a rented space or planning to move around, you can always take Inipi B with you. Space efficient, flexible and of great quality, this sauna also boasts a restrained elegance that’s perfectly suited to a modern spa like feel. Learn more at Duravit.



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