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Duravit Inipi Sauna – new modern designer sauna with shower

The new and extraordinary Inipi Sauna from Duravit is a futuristic designer sauna with shower. Duravit, a German company, have taken inspiration from the ‘Inipi’ cleansing ritual of the Lakota North American Indians. In fact, ‘Inipi’ means ‘sweat lodge’ in their language. The importance of bathing rituals for ‘ceremonial cleansing and physical well-being’ is brought up-to-date with all the energy and learning of the past. Now, the sauna utilises concealed technology to present this bright, transparent design. The glass cabin stands on a wooden frame and illuminated by LED strip lights, creating an oasis of relaxation and beauty. The Inipi Ama is not only a sauna, but also includes a generous shower area. Contact Duravit to bring the fantastic Inipi Sauna to your home.



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