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Sunny and Tastefully Renovated Swedish Apartment

This sunny 91 square meters apartment is located in the end of the 19th century building in Stockholm, Sweden. It has been tastefully renovated and transformed to keep up with today’s lifestyle requirements, but integrates some features found in place previously. One of these features is the presence of marble windowsills, and another is the built-in fireplace, that combines visible red bricks with white walls and a marble top. One more element that seems to have been preserved is the flooring, made of long and thin wooden planks in the kitchen area, and set in a herringbone pattern in the rest of the apartment. The corner situation of the living room offers this apartment a lot of natural light that streams inside through the generously sized windows. Once inside, the light is furthermore reflected and enhanced by the high white walls. The biggest surfaces of the apartment are dedicated to day and functional areas. The entrance hall is generous and gives direct access to all the areas of the apartment: one can walk straight into the night area, the bathroom, the kitchen or living room. One of the walls is lined with practical shelves. The open plan kitchen and living room occupy almost half of the surface. New and old pieces of furniture and decoration are mixed in a very harmonious way, creating a very inviting atmosphere.

The L-shaped kitchen layout occupies two cornering walls and has big and naturally lit working surfaces. The walls of the kitchen and dining area are tiled full-height with white brick-like tiles. The kitchen only has low cabinets covered by a marble top. The top part of the walls is left bare, except for some visible piping and a stainless steel rod on which pots and pans are hanged. There is an interesting mix of metals, with stainless steel hood and sink, and brass faucet.
The dining area is furnished with a mix of antique, reclaimed and new pieces. The white cabinet is an antique, whereas the dining table is made of a rough metal-bar structure and reclaimed wood planks. Chairs are from Ikea, a classic Scandinavian model reinterpreted in a modern way. There is a nice combination of natural wood and electric blue finishes. The cupola suspension above the dining table is in brass.
Keeping the same spirit, the living area is furnished with a leather couch and two vintage brown leather armchairs, set around a marble-top low table. Two non-matching suspensions hang in the center, featuring brass elements like the other fixtures mentioned before. The windowsills are decorated with flower vases and other small decorative items.
A splash of color is allowed in one corner of the living room, furnished with a purple cabinet and a bright red Masai-tribe big sized poster.
The little boy’s room is white and blue, with sweet childish patterns and wall hangings. The cabinets are wall-hung or set on high legs to free up as much playground as possible.
The adult night area is made up of the actual bedroom, a walk-in closet and a bathroom. The size of the bedroom is kept to minimum, as the size of the walk-in closed is privileged. The cozy-looking fabric upholstered bed and headboard has night tables on the two sides, on which stand classical style brass table lamps. The only other elements are a wall hung mirror and knob-shaped hangers.
The bathroom, tiled in slate, is made to contrast with the white of the rest of the apartment. The fixtures are in stainless steel and glass. The bathtub is protected by a glass wall and it serves as shower cabin as well.


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