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Summer Home décor trends that will be seen everywhere

From fabrics to furniture to light fixtures summer home décor is here to take over and help us redecorate. Though we are not one to stick to one particular trend as we are here to bring you the latest in all areas, summer is one of those seasons that brings joy into home décor. There is just so much to choose from, and so many different styles to fall in love with, it can become overwhelming figuring out which of these will work best. Luckily, for you, we are here to help you narrow down this summers trends that will be seen everywhere! And when we say everywhere, we truly mean EVERYWHERE, so let’s begin.

Engulf Neutrals

When seeking to go with neutrals you want to go as simple as possible. The key is having almost all of your decor appear similar yet put together and fun.

Everywhere we looked, we saw tables made from handcrafted wood, daring pendants with woven branches that felt outdoorsy, and even stools covered in fun neutral finishes. Every piece felt different but of the same family. Therefore, it’s time to embrace neutrals and bring them into the home in a bold way. Whether that be through light fixtures or chairs you want your neutral pieces to feel organic to the room.


The light the shade of wood you use the more organic it will feel in the room. Pair with lighter hues to keep the room as organic to its main aesthetics as possible.

As stated above, neutral are truly the IT item for summer, which brings us to the next trend- organic. Wood is becoming lighter, and more organic as the years continue to pass by and this season is no exception. Having a lighter finish wood plays better with colorful décor and patterned upholstery. If you’re fond of chestnut, or teak furniture and want to keep it, you want to mix your darker shade with lighter ones to brighten the room.

Blush Pink

The simple use of having an accent of blush pink can be a huge statement without having the feeling that you’re overwhelming the room and your current decor.

Last year we reported on pink being the main color palette, and it seems that it is not going anywhere anytime soon. Splashes of pink are remaining strong in the market, but not just any hue of pink- blush pink to be exact. While this might not come as a surprise to many, blush is here to stay on a big plain field. The key is adding accents of pink throughout the room to bring the color forward as a feminine touch that brings beauty to the room.

Bold Wallpaper

When selecting a wallpaper do not be afraid to be as bold as possible. Bold decor is great for summer due to how much of a punch it showcases in any room.

If you thought we were over having bold wallpaper in any room, you are surely mistaken, wallpaper is here to stay for a bit longer. Instead of changing your décor to match this year’s summer trend, add a bold wallpaper. Doing so allows you to have a bold element while allowing the room to feel grand and cohesive without overdoing it with décor.

Grand Art

The art you use should feel bold, yet cohesive to the room. You want to have the same appeal in the space overall.

As stated above, bold wallpaper is here to stay, and art is not staying behind. And yes, that means removing your farmhouse signs that say “live, love, laugh” and replacing them with large, daring art pieces. The twist this season is to have a gallant wallpaper and an even grander art piece layered right above it. Doing so brings a sense of character and style that is unique to you.

Painted Backsplash

Create a design with your painted backsplash to truly make a statement in your kitchen while engulfing the room with character.

While last year was all about being simple and minimal, almost in every room, this year is less about that and more about adding details as often as you can. For this trend, we took note of the removal of subway tiles and having them replaced with a painted backsplash instead. The same goes for traditional hardware elements, as they’re being replaced with cooler material such as leather, bamboo or a blend of both.

Color on top of Color

When selecting color you want to go as bold as possible with the idea of having a grand display that showcases your personality.

It is no surprise to many of us that color is back on trend, particularly in the kitchen. Most kitchens have transitioned to being mainly white, neutral and/or a combination of both with some accent of marble. However, this season it’s all about color, on top of color. Kitchens are getting a makeover and becoming more personal and warmer with a huge bunch of texture and pattern.

Mix & Match Furniture

When mixing and matching your decor you want to consider being as bold as possible. Which means you want to use as many different items as possible.

If you have gone through our guide and have reached this point, then you are well aware of how much color has impacted this seasons décor. Long gone are the days when buying a living room sofa set and calling it a day was the way to go. This season is all about mixing and matching furniture pieces together and making a grand display. The idea is all about having a personal display that brightens the room overall.

Bring it to the Ceiling

Make your ceiling the statement piece by using a bold wallpaper that elongates the room while making it feel grand.

Ceilings are becoming more and more a part of your décor. It is more about having your ceiling become a part of your space instead of just the higher element of the room. This time around, your ceiling will have wallpaper, have a lacquered twist or have some sort of pattern. Your ceiling is now becoming a statement and we are extremely excited.

Mixed Metals

The more metallic you use, the better and grander the appeal will be.

The idea of mixing metals is not something new, but it is coming in full force this season. You want to mix metals with a different undertone to make the room feel unique and personal to you without taking away from what you already have. Think of it as the new way of having everything you desire in one single space.

How do you plan on decorating your home for summer? Share with us your thoughts below.


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