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How To Decorate With Stylish Black Kitchen Cabinets

When it comes to creating a space that speaks to your personal style and character you want to consider your color palette. Why consider a traditional white color wave when you can go to the dark side and try a black hue instead? The color black has become quite the color when it comes to bringing character and style to any room, particularly the kitchen. For a dose of style, try having black cabinets and allowing these kitchens to inspire your next renovation.

Sleek & Black

When going for a sleek approach, consider having minimal decor while allowing your black cabinets to make a statement.

Instead of going all out with your décor consider a sleek aesthetic. Having a sleek display will allow you to go as “wild” with your décor as possible without interrupting what you already have going on. The key is having all of your black cabinets match perfectly to one another for that seamless, slick approach.

Bold Island

When considering how big or small your island should be you want to take a look at features you can add to the island such as a stove, or a sink or even both if you have enough room.

Black is such a powerhouse color that sometimes it can be intimidating to the room, in order to prevent that from happening you want to create a balance. To create a balance, you need to add a furniture piece that is just as bold and daring as the hue itself, that is where having a bold island comes into play. Pair your black cabinets with a large island for a powerful balance that doesn’t take away from your overall décor.


For that monochromatic appeal, consider having glass elements throughout to brighten the room’s overall aesthetic.

Is there such a better pairing than black and white? The hues themselves tend to pair beautifully, while still being unique to the eye. The key to working with a monochromatic palette is having an even balance between the two. You want to have just the right amount of white bits balanced out by a punch of black to complete the look in an overall manner.

Work-in Open shelving

Having open shelving allows you to display what you enjoy most while incorporating it to your decor.

Once you read the title your first thought might be “oh this article is all about black cabinets” while this is true, we had to incorporate a twist- the twist being open shelves. Having open shelving works well when you incorporate them into pre-existing black cabinets. You want to have a few cabinets paired with a couple of open shelves and allow them to make a statement while still blending perfectly together.

Subway Tiles

Consider having white tiles for a blended contrast that still feels put together and modern.

Can we really have a kitchen article without mentioning subway tiles? Probably, but would we want to? Absolutely not! Mainly due to subway tiles being perfect to add texture to any size room. The texture achieved from the subway tiles will brighten the black cabinets that you already have standing. Consider white, gray or beige tiles to truly enhance the aesthetics of the space.


The more marble you have in the kitchen the grander the area will feel. Keep the room as cohesive as possible for a bold marble approach.

Marble is not only a classic material in the kitchen but its quite the show-stopper. When you want a show-stopping element to a room you want to add bits of marble, whether that be as part of the kitchen island, or as part of the cabinets. The bolder your marble is the chicer the room will feel. Furthermore, it creates a contrasting approach that’s beautiful and daring.

Glossy Cabinets

Pair your glossy cabinets with matching light fixtures for a beautiful contrasting display.

When we think of black cabinets most of us think of matte black, this is mainly due to how chic matte black appears. However, for a contemporary appeal that is still modern consider glossy cabinets instead. Having a glossy finish will add a stylish approach that is still fun and works well with numerous color palettes.

Luxury Appeal

When it comes to luxury consider adding fun seats to your island for a bold twist that is quite luxurious and fun.

If you have an open floor plan, kitchen with a small dining area, you want to blend the two together to create a cohesive appeal. The trick to doing so is bringing an upscale approach, by adding luxury items such as a chandelier. Doing so will bring the luxury appeal you want without overwhelming your open floor space.


Add modern seating to your island to create a grand appeal that is contemporary while brightening the space.

Is there anything quite as eye-catching as having modern cabinetry in your kitchen? Possibly, but when working with black cabinets having a modern approach will brighten the darkness that oozes from having black cabinets. Keep the rest of your décor as simple as possible, allowing your cabinets to make a daring statement without having to bring the use of color into the room.

Black on Black

Add a few light features to the room to ensure it feels bright and airy while still being authentic to the dark hues that are felt in the room.

Sometimes you might just want to complete blackout your kitchen. What this means is you want to use black on black décor. Doing so brings an edgy approach that is bold, airy and contemporary without overwhelming the room. Consider this display as one of the best forms of embracing the size of the room and having the rich character you know and love.

Are black cabinets part of your kitchen upgrade? If so, share with us which of these ideas are excited to try in your home.


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