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15 Black Kitchen Cabinets That You’ll Swoon For

It may sound a bit too bold. It may even sound a bit crazy, but, it’s trendy and when executed correctly, can become the best part of the home. Check out these 15 black kitchen cabinets that you’ll swoon for, we promise. If you have the space and the right amount of natural light, you can pull it off too. Let’s have a peek!

Elle Decor begins our journey through the chicest of kitchens with this beautiful space. A timeless black and white contrast with modern hardware and sleek countertops, it’s a dream for entire families and frequent-meal makers alike.

This kitchen is a bit more quaint and welcoming. It has a warmer feel and a variety of modern and traditional features. Take a look at more ideas by visiting House Beautiful.

You can even create a stylish gallery kitchen with some black cabinets. This peek was with our friends at Homedit and we really love the accent and framing of the area that comes from the stainless steel hardware and appliances.

Love Home Designs gives us a fresh take on a modern kitchen with this flooring choice and how it compliments the dark cabinets. It’s just another way you can blend family charm into a more contemporary setting. It’s easier than you may think!

There’s something rather refreshing about this Freshome find. It’s a beautiful mix of both old and new and that style balances each other out nicely. The sharpness of the black constrast the rustic quality of all the pieces.

HGTV shows us how yellow may be the right acent color for your classic, black and white kitchen. It pops and create a tri of tones that will set off the personality and poise of the kitchen. Red can be a great pairing as well!

Homedit had this more traditional flavor up their sleeve. The darkness of the color choice pairs nicely with the heavy nature of the wood pieces. And the cream backsplash is an A+ option.

Tops Cabinet gave us this regal peek inside a black and gold cabinet. There’s something really special and Victorian-inspired about this space. And those golden accents add a certain luxe appeal that makes us swoon.

If you’re going to be using black cabinets, think about the natural lighting you’ll be getting in the space. The darkness contrasts the sun nicely and revives the entire area without any fuss. Check out more like this at Freshome.

If you hop on over to HGTV again you’ll see how copper can be a beautiful pairing and contrast to black as well. It’s a glistening, feminine way to add a pesonal touch in a surprising and functional way.

In a spacious area with a lot of players in the scheme, black cabinets will be just another nice accompaniment. Paired with varying mediums – like brick and metal – it’s a calming addition. WE love this eclectic space from Home Design Ideas!

Here’s another spot from Freshome that we’re swooning for is this crisp and chic kitchen. What really caught our eye – besides the white-washed hardwood floors – was the beautiful white subway tile backsplash that contrasts the entire area nicely.

We’ve gushed about this kitchen on Trendir before. And we just love its modern, futuristic style. It has everything you’d want in a fashion-forward yet functional area. Stainless steel and nickel hardware are perfect pairings.

Pinterest has a lot of good finds as well. In particular, this modern, colorblock kitchen is a definite source of good inspiration. It’s a myriad of beautiful neutrals; gray, cream, and black working seamlessly together.

Elle Decor leaves us off with this beautiful kitchen. The dark, marbled backsplash and countertops paired with the contemporary hardware – and let’s not forget the pouring of natural sunlight inside, it’s a stunning space.


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