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Stunning Modern Glass Houses That Beling in the Storybooks

Do people really live in glass houses? Well yes, they do, and they’re absolutely gorgeous. Completely baring or just enough, we’re inspiring the bold one today. Sift through these stunning, modern glass houses that being int he storybooks and dream about what it would be like to live in one!

Glass Graham House by E. Cobb Architects

Multiple floors, patios and a view at every angle, this glass house is a gorgeous piece of architecture come to life. Designed by Seattle-based studio E. Cobb Architects.The best part of course, it’s functional for your family!

Toronto 44 Belvedere Residence by Guido Constantino

This design from Guidocostantino has a bit less of the obvious “glass house” vibe and more of a contemporary tone. But with all of those windows, you get the shock of living in a transparent home.

Philip Johnson's Glass House

We can’t see this as a full-functioning, all-the-time living space but it sure is pretty, isn’t it? When you think about glass houses, this is the type of design that comes to mind.{found on architecturaldigest}.

Glass house that float

Here’s another design that mixes the glass house vision with innovation. One floor, with rooms and hallways that you can see details to from the driveway, it’s quote a contemporary beauty.

Metallic and Glass modern House

Finne Architects shows off this multi-floor classic. It too blend contemporary, traditional home design with that bold, glass house vibes that only amps up the modern flair.

Casa Hainbach Glass House from MOOSMANN

Moosmann offers up this “fresh” design and we scooped it right up to feature. The front is glass and the back seems to be a bit more traditional. Try renting out a home like this and give it a try before committing for the long haul.

Amsterdam Rieteiland House

Three floors of beauty and modern design from Hans van Heeswijk Architects. Even the decor we can see inside if fresh and on trend. If you want grandiose and bold, this is the structure you’ll be inspired by.

Lakeside studio with a glass wall facade

Mark Dziewulski Architect offered up this beauty and we’re absolutely swooning over the design. It’s innovative and memorable. With the open floor plan and the floor-to-ceiling windows, it’s such a stunner.

Restored house in New York with a glass facade

Five cats architecutre invites us to take a peek on this tinted glass house. If you love the idea of these transparent homes but don’t want to dive in too deep, think about going with something similar.

Ultra modern glass house

This glowing beauty from Belgian firm HVH Architecten is neat and tidy, simple and sophisticated and a great starter piece for those that want to try out the glass house vision. It’s such a chic and crisp space that you can easily personalize.

House Zochental with multiple windows

This design from Liebel Architekten BDA is more functional as well. It too mixes both traditional home styles with that whimsical glass house vibe we daydream about. It’s modern too, which sharp edges and a sleek innovation.

Round glass corners

Home Klondike delights us with this gorgeous and unique piece of architecture. Everything about this home feels like it came right out of a storybook.

Forest black glass house

Here’ a bit of a darker design. It isn’t as light as the others we have on the list and it easily combines a bit of a mountain, cabin essence with contemporary vision.

Traditional Glass House Design

Without all the window elements, this would look like a much more traditional, contemporary home. It just goes to prove how this “glass house” vision can really transform a classic structure.

Modern arthictecure Glass with glass facade

Here’s a piece of modern architecture fixated quite nicely with woodsy, cabin flair. It’s masculine but it’s also chic in every sense of the word.

Modern Glass house and deck

Pinterest shows off this functioning home and we had to snatch it up and show it off too. This space has more coverage but it’s still a space that can be lived in with ease and comfort, you’ll just have the extra bit of boldness with all that natural lighting and peek-a-boo presence.

Concrete House With Large Glass Windows

The entire house doesn’t have to be “glass” to have that same feel. Just portions could be what your looking for with coverage in the back to put your mind and comfort at ease.

Contemporary Escape - Glass Wall

Check out this contemporary escape. Maybe the back of your property is what you’d like to have dipped in glass, especially if it overlooks a pool or entertainment space.

Small with large windows

Small but mighty, this design is a great test drive before diving into a larger space full of windows. You have everything you need inside, including a shaded roof. (via)

Contemporay forest glass house

Home DSGN showed off this beauty. And this is one of the more classic designs that we think of when it comes to contemporary glass house designs.

Sea Glass House Design

Mixing textures between rustic and modern, masculine edges, this home is slightly more unique than the crisp versions above. We love glass houses especially when there is a view to be seen and this certainly has it!(found on The Manser Practice Architects + Designers)

Dark modern glass house

This glass house is a bit darker than others, which balances out all of the natural lighting you’d get throughout the day quite nicely.

Elevated glass house

We found this intricate space on Paul McClean and were instantly wowed with all of the details. Multiple floors and hallways draped in glass, this one is for the architect books.

Floor to ceiling glass house

Here’s another large, family home that has a variety of textures and perfect, floor-to-ceiling window placement. The entire structure doesn’t have that glass feel, instead it’s just enough to stay modern and cozy.

Modern small glass house

Dream House presents us with a glass cottage design that we fell in love with immediately. This is a bit more delicate and romantic than the sharp edges we’re used to seeing.

Layered space glass house

This is one of those bold, in-the-middle-of-nowhere designs that have become one of the trendy bits of experimentation in architecture and interior design. Imagine rented out this type of space fora weekend! (found on Ana Paula Barros)


Two Stories Glass House

What we love here is that everything is floor-to-ceiling, but there are blinds and curtains inside that give your the privacy you crave.

Classic glass house with multiple textures

And here’s another super unique and grandiose version of the classic glass house. Multiple textures, coverage and large, glass windows and doors serve up a nice helping of interest.

Large structure glass

This is a larger structure too but it’s without all the fuss and stairs. Spread out with a quiet, masculine appeal, we love the sultriness of this home design.

Beautiful mix between privacy and windows

Mediterranean influence and contemporary vision, here’s another home that offered up a beautiful mix of privacy and bold windows. You get some glass house flavor on the bottom with enough coverage in the back.

Modern Glass Decor

HomeRem has an extra tall design for us to peek at. What looks like four stories of edgy layers, this is a home that you’d swoon for inside and out.

Old brik house with glass windows

And finally, my personal favorite of the bunch, this cottage home blends vintage style with modern design in such an easy, breezy way. It’s a more personalized version of the glass house trend.


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