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Stunning Iron Lace Staircase Is A Whimsical Swarm of Circles


Designed by Gestion Rene Desjardins for clients living in Montreal, Canada, this stunning staircase is an ode to the homeowners new found love of contemporary art. Originally a conservative, the homeowner was introduced to a work of art by Ken Lum and “discovered” a new found fascination with the more modern approach to both art and design. He began visiting modern art galleries and slowly developed a passion that would be extended into the rebuilding of his newly purchased Montreal home. To help him achieve his vision of an artistic and contemporary space, the homeowner brought designer Rene Desjardins onboard to oversee the project. Rene’s manifest is “Less is More” without forsaking comfort, sensuality, function, and most importantly – the client’s personality. As a piece de resistance in the new home, this incredible steel staircase runs throughout the space creating a dynamic visual of multi sized circles flocking together to create a singular lacy balustrade. It is as though the black circles are floating and drifting while at the same time joining to create a swarm of protection to all who travel the walnut treads

The walnut floors of the home continue on the stairwell treads and add a layer of warmth to the stark black steel circles. The concept of creating the plane of circles out of various sizes creates a sense of fluidity and motion that is further enhanced when both daylight and artificial light pass through the negative spaces created by the gaps between the circles for a constantly changing dance of shadows.

The Iron Lace continues along the overhead mezzanine to create a textural lightness and transparency that adds a whimsical touch to an area that is normally functional and uneventful.
The tall, dark façade to the fireplace brings in the verticality to create a circular composition that starts with the dark grey furnishings before moving on to the fireplace and then up and around the railing and back down the stairs.
The balustrade is a modern work of art that could easily be framed and cordoned off as a “look and don’t touch” sculpture, but designer Rene Desjardins created this contemporary art form to be an integral and functional installation that is not only meant to be touched, but also used.
Gestion Rene Desjardins


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