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Studio 65 Bocca sofa or Marilyn sofa – sensual icon

The Bocca sofa has become popular all over the world… It’s said that the idea came from Salvador Dali. It’s also said that Marilyn Monroe was the inspiration for this sofa – La Bocca means The Mouth in Italian. In any case, shaped as woman’s lips Bocca Marilyn sofa was designed by Studio 65 to become an icon of Modern Design. The ‘authentic’ (if we may) Bocca sofa is manufactured by Edra, Italy and sells for $8,595. Available only in Red. It measures 82″w x 29″d x 33″h – Moss. Then … there are some inexpensive versions like the ones from Heller.

The Studio 65 Kiss is also a looker – this one-seater measures 33″w x 39″h. Heller makes the lipstick-red Bocca sofa and the Kiss loveseat from soft resin – so both can be used indoors and outdoors.


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