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Sneaky Storage Tricks For Smaller Bathrooms

The bathroom tends to become one of those areas that are used all day, every day. However, there are a whole lot of necessities that go in that specific space. Unfortunately, for those that have a smaller bathroom, it can be quite difficult to find a place to store your items. If you have a smaller bathroom, then you might be wondering how you are going to store your items. Keeping that in mind, we have put together a guide on sneaky storages tricks to help you along the way.

Repurpose Your Bar Cart

Consider adding a plant or two to your bar cart for an added sense of freshness and even femininity.

If you happen to have a bar cart, to store your favorite wines in your kitchen for additional storage then it could be time to bring it to your bathroom as well. However, when bringing your bar cart to your bathroom you want to repurpose it and use it for towels, soaps and even for toiletries.

Wall Mount

If you truly want to create storage by mounting something consider mounting your sink and even toilet for an elevated touch that saves space.

Do not discount using wall mounts for those items that need to be hung. Wall mounts are great as you get to hang what you need while having those items displayed and accessible at any given time.

Simple Tray

Consider a tray that matches your decor for a seamless approach that blends well with what you already have creating a more open feel to the room.

We have all been guilty of leaving our favorite lotion on top of the sink counter, maybe a toothbrush out of place or even a few other items. Instead of putting them away in the medicine cabinet and forget about the item, add a simple tray on top of your counter. Doing so will give you additional storage while complimenting your décor.

Bring on Baskets

If your vanity is pretty large, you might want to consider having large baskets or a few baskets underneath it for sleek added storage.

If you do not have a linen and towel closet but have space underneath your counter, it’s time to bring in a few wicker baskets. Roll up a few towels and add them in your basket, not only is this great for having your towels on hand at any given time, but it’s stylish and adds a little laundry room décor vibe to your bathroom.

Add Open Shelving

When it comes to open shelving the more the better, particularly if you have a smaller nook that is open and needs something to bring it together.

Small bathrooms are typically shorter and a bit less cohesive than larger ones. With that being said add additional storage and height by having an open shelving display. Furthermore, open shelving is great as it allows you to have more space to place your items with a contemporary twist.

Larger Vanity

When selecting your large vanity, consider a neutral hue so that it does not take away from the room, while still having that extra storage space.

Having a large vanity might seem like the opposite of what you might want to do, due to how much space it might take up. However, when you want to achieve more space and also want to bring a chicness to the bathroom, a large vanity can be what you need. It’s the perfect blend between the best of two worlds- storage and style.

Stand-Alone Tub

When selecting a stand-alone tub consider having a smaller one. A smaller tub will ensure you take up as little bit floor space as possible.

Although, a stand-alone tub might not seem like a storage trick it actually is. Due to how much space you will have if you simply minimize your bathtub having a stand-alone tub can be the way to go. Bathtubs are big and bulky while a stand-alone tub is simple and charming while giving you more floor space- a win-win for all.

Storage above Your Toilet

If you don’t have a tray above your toilet, you want to add one and open shelving if possible as well.

If you can’t decide where else to add storage, above your toilet is a place to start. You can add a cubby or an additional tray or even simply place items on there that need a place to be displayed on. Keep the items to a minimum to ensure that the room still remains sleek.

Narrow Organizers

Give your organizer its own special corner is an excellent form of making a grand gesture even in the smallest room.

Narrow organizers can be placed in almost any area of a bathroom, which is perfect for smaller spaces. They can be placed alongside your vanity or on the other end of the bathroom just for that added dose of storage without taking away from the room and its décor.

Organized Linen Closet

Once you have organized your linen closet, consider adding designated labels to further enhance your organization and keep everything where it needs to be.

If you have a bathroom linen closet, then you know how messy that particular room can become. Instead of ignoring it, organize it and have a put together, in order to open space in that closet and allow you to repurpose your new-found space.

Time to make your small bathroom feel grand again. Let us know how you find storage in your smaller bathroom? Share with us below.


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