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Cast Iron Teapots – Japanese style round teapot by Staub, for sale at Sur La Table

Make tea time something you’ll look forward to with these charming cast iron teapots by Staub. This Japanese style round teapot enhances a centuries-old tradition with its delightful enameled design in a choice of Staub’s signature colors to complement your kitchen, dishware or tea serving set. The finish won’t chip, discolor or rust, ensuring looks that’ll last a lifetime. The cast iron teapots heat evenly and quickly, and hold the heat longer so you can savor each steaming sip. Measuring 6 ¼ inches in diameter, this cute teapot accommodates one quart and features a stainless steel handle that secures the lid in place, adding comfort to convenience. These round teapots are made in France and retail for $119.95 at Sur La Table.



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