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Stones Bed by Noctis

Imagine this bed in your master bedroom and then in your master bath — a coordinating river rock counter or shower. Wouldn’t that work really well? The “Stones” bed is part of The Originals Collection by Noctis of Italy. And don’t worry about hitting your head, the stones are soft. In fact, they are the work of master upholsterers and covered in a faux leather material. Multiple colors are available (see below) and you can highlight or contrast your choice with bedding. In fact, change your bedding color to change the look and work with your bedding to style the room. You know that the bed will be the focal point. I love how the scatter rugs in the photo above pick up on the shape of the stones – very clever. Now, the only question is whether to put it in the master, or in the guest room…

Experiment with different bedding colors – it’s like getting a new bed!

More information: Noctis


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