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Tok recliner chair from Stokke – the recliner chair that “moves you”

Stokke Tok recliner chair provides very comfortable sitting, unique functionality and distinctive contemporary design. This best defines the Stokke recliner chair: “We are all created to move – not to sit still. Stokke chairs initiate movement and variation and inspire you to change your posture while seated.” Designed by Japanese designer Toshiyuki Kita in collaboration with Scandinavian Stokke’s Ole Petter Wullum, Tok is a recliner that is in a class of its own. With its comfort and modern design, Tok recliner can be an elegant centrepiece for any room. It’s made of three laminated wood shells covered with soft textile or leather upholstery over the Polyurethane foam. The mechanical parts are steel and aluminum. Wood can be varnished, stained or oiled. The chair can rotate 360° and has three distinct sitting positions. What’s most interesting is that it’s “designed to vary your sitting posture”, and its design prompts you to do just that. To always support your body properly and independently of your sitting position, this Stokke recliner has a fixed angle between the seat and the backrest. Everything else is adjustable: the headrest, and the resistance to your body weight, and the height. The footrest is also designed to accommodate for any position. Place two Tok recliner chairs side-by-side to fill the room with style and comfort. Stokke


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