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Starry Starry Night Constellation Light by Anagraphic

starry starry night constellation light by anagraphic 1 thumb 630x630 23757 Starry Starry Night Constellation Light by Anagraphic

This incredible light unfurls the constellations across the ceiling – the constellations you choose, that is. Manufactured by hand, in Budapest, Hungary — the hemisphere shape creates the exact proportions you see in the night sky. Standard offerings include the constellations you would see during the spring or fall equinoxes or the summer and winter solstices. And of course, you can choose a totally custom constellation group, as each piece is made by hand. What a great way to teach your kids about the night sky – display it on the ceiling of their rooms. You could start a new family tradition, wishing on a star before bedtime. When they have sleepovers, they can pretend they are camping! And none of the functional lighting is sacrificed to bring you these constellations – there is a strong direct light downwards, as well as the incredible starry night display above. This is really a light to dream under. And don’t forget what Jiminy Cricket said (from Pinochcio): “When you wish upon a star…your dreams come true.”

starry starry night constellation light by anagraphic 2 thumb 630x840 23759 Starry Starry Night Constellation Light by Anagraphic

This light is beautiful in it’s shape and design and when you add the stars – it’s over the top!


None of the lighting function is sacrificed to project the stars – this is a functional, strong light.


This light would make for fascinating dinner table conversation.


It’s available in a variety of colors.


You can customize the choice of constellations.


More information: Anagraphic
Choose your own Custom Constellation



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