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Oversized Clothes Pin Hangers by Swabdesign

Some things look so obvious that you wonder how come nobody has thought about them before! It is the case with this humorous interpretation of the clothes pin by French company Swabdesign. Your clothes don’t need to be wet anymore in order for you to hang them with a clothes pin. Their colorful oversized clothes pins are designed as wall mounted clothes hangers for indoors or outdoors. The asymmetrical shape has been conceived in order to facilitate the day-to-day use. You can hang anything from hats or scarves to heavier clothing, the pins are strong enough to hold a maximum amount of items. Even when they are not used for their main functions, the pins look great as wall decoration. They come in various colors, from neutral white or anthracite to flashier electric blue and orange. Used in line or hanged randomly, they will become a great wall installation. They can look great in a child’s room, but also in any space that needs some cheering up!





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