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Stand-alone Home Office with Unusual Shape

This unusually shaped stand-alone structure comes as addition to a remote rural property in Australia. The property consisted of two connected wagon shaped pavilions. This third pavilion, designed by Benn & Penna architects, is situated at a small distance from the two existing ones and is connected to them via a covered dirt passage lane. The principle of rounded shapes is borrowed from the two pavilions, but this time the roundness develops vertically rather than horizontally. The existing pavilions have rounded roofs, while the new addition looks like a capsule, with rounded ends and flat roof. The materials are dictated by the fire-prone natural environment. The main body and the roof are covered in corrugated metal sheet, in light grey color, and the whole structure sits on a concrete slab of the same shape. The closed part of the addition takes up a bit more than half of the total length. The remaining surface is covered by the same roof that is supported by round metal pillars, and it creates a porch that surrounds the room on three sides. There are more openings in the metallic facade, that create either windows or glazed doors that open up on the porch.

The outdoors space of this pavilion represents almost half its surface. The biggest surface has enough room to place a table and chairs, while the narrower part is like a corridor that runs along the pavilion. The owners sit casually on the concrete slab that also plays the role of a bench.
Inside the furniture takes the rounded shape of the walls. A plywood custom made bookshelf lines the rounded side of the room from floor to ceiling.
The only other furniture pieces are a vintage looking armchair and foot rest,and a round side table.
During the colder nights, the room is heated by a wood burning stove. A colorful knitted rug by Patricia Urquiola spices up the interior bringing in the missing touch of color and fabric.


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