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Stainless Steel Kitchens from NYLOFT – New XERA Kitchen Line

NYLOFT launch their new XERA stainless steel kitchens, which utilise the strong function and durability of professional kitchens but execute it with elegance and grace. There are four new models all of which elevate the intrinsic stainless steel to its finest.

Xera NOON is a large open kitchen design, offering versatile use of central space. The main body comprises of six 24″ units and 18/10 steel countertop with anti drip edge. The Xera NOON features an integrated cooktop and sink, both welded flush to the surface. The cupboards open with contemporary rounded steel handles. A professional quality kitchen for the home, the stainless steel is durable, hygienic, and easy to clean. In addition the steel highlights the kitchen as sleek and serious. The Xera NOON provides the key kitchen points conveniently, allowing the rest of the kitchen the versatility to change as needed.

The Xera DRY-WET is unique in its free standing design. Designed by Loscalzo Moscheri, the Xera DRY-WET is innovatively divided and ideal for multiple cooks. Starting on the wet side with the integrated double sinks you work your way down the 18/10 stainless steel kitchen counter to prep your ingredients. Once ingredients are prepared you switch sides and begin cooking on the flush cooktop. Finally when completed you progress down the counter to present and serve your meal. Each meal is a journey of ease and convenience. Features include professional taps and sink shower, a convenient waste bin built into the counter, and a non-toxic acrylic chopping board. To round out the design there are wall mounted cupboards featuring gorgeous rosewood doors and modular metal shelves which nest into sleek gloss black parapan panels. The Xera DRY-WET give the functionality and convenience of a professional kitchen in a compact unit for the home.

Xera BRIDGE by KU Design aims to be a classic kitchen. The use of parapan doors with the steel counters transcends fashion. Parapan is notable for being impervious to water and humidity, while presenting a clean and simple front. Central to the Xera BRIDGE kitchen is the sliding wood table. Ideal for use as a breakfast bar the table is easily stowed away to leave a tidy simple kitchen during the day. Xera BRIDGE provides a multitude of storage which makes it easy to keep the clean minimalist look no matter how busy life gets.

Xera COO-KING is designed with home chefs in mind. The large free standing 18/10 stainless steel unit includes the sink with sink shower, and a cooktop with a cast iron grill. The storage units provide space for the fridge and freezer and a central space for an oven. The drawer unit has a deep butcher block cutting board and space for options like wine cabinets. The drawers are fitted with friction devices which ensure their silence and are simple to remove, making them easy to access and clean. KU Design have made the COO-KING kitchen ideal for food lovers. It includes all the necessary equipment, while providing space to hide all those important ingredients. When your creativity is splattered across your countertop it’s a snap to clean up. The Xera COO-KING takes the hygienic and practical steel and creates a elegant kitchen for the serious cook.
The new Xena stainless steel Kitchen ranges from NYLOFT provide the versatility to create the perfect kitchen, while including avant-garde touches. For example the sink shower which adds personality as well as function. Ergonomic and easy to use, the sink shower adds a rich visual to the simple clean lines of the units. NYLOFT have taken the highly functional and practical, and refined and elevated it into an elegant and contemporary solution for modern life. NYLOFT


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