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Foolproof tips to Spring Clean your Closet

Spring is officially here, and it’s time to vigorously deep clean the home- that includes your closet. Though deep cleaning can seem like a tedious task, it’s quite relaxing, especially for those that are now spending a lot of time at home. If you’ve ever been guilty of throwing-everything-in-a-corner-chair-and-ignoring it all week, then you know the fear of having someone open the door and being tumbled over by a clothing monster. Now that we have time to embrace and fully clean the room, it’s time for the closet to become the sanctuary it was always intended to be. The following foolproof tips that make Spring cleaning a breeze.

Revise your Clothing

Simplicity works best when you are editing your clothing. It’s all about being chic and charming while only having the necessities.

When it comes to revising your clothing, you want to be as ruthless as possible. That means if it has a stain if it’s been in your closet for years and you’ve only worn it once if it doesn’t seem to fit you properly it’s time to throw it away. Many of us have a little bit of a hoarder in us that keeps clothing around due to its sentimental value, not how it looks on us. Keeping that in mind, you want to throw out anything and everything that hasn’t been used in 2 years or more. Doing so will instantly bring a huge difference in the way to closet appears.

Have Categories

Keep it chic by having your shoes displayed right between your clothing items for the best contrast.

Categorizing your closet is one of the easiest ways to instantly clean it up. You want to place the shoes with the shoes, the hats with the hats, the pants with the pants and so on. Though this might seem like common sense when you’re in a rush you might forget and that’s when the mess comes into play. You want to keep in mind constantly that putting your clothes away and categorizing them is always a good idea.

Color Code

Work with colors that work seamlessly together yet make an impact without much fuss.

If you want to take things to the next level, color-code your clothes. While this might take a bit longer to do it is well worth the hassle. Furthermore, it will give you a direction on where your clothing should be. Think of it as the perfect step that enables you to truly make the most out of what you have. Whether you decide to go with lighter shades and work them in together or you go with a light to dark palette it is completely up to you. The key is working with what you have to make the closet come to life.

Showcase the Goods

When it comes to displaying the goods you want to bring in as much luxury items as possible and have them feel chic and easy.

Whether you enjoy splurging on handbags, belts, or shoes, we all have a vice we love to spend money on. If that is the case, why hide them? Why keep them away on a shelf? It’s time to embrace your luxury items and bring them to the forefront. Consider having them displayed on shelving that is constructed out of crystal to make the perfect display. Furthermore, this type of display won’t take away from what you might already have going on.

Light Hangers

Use slimmer hangers for a sleek put together appearance

When it comes to the hangers, you want to use the same hangers throughout. It’s all about creating a cohesive appeal, without going overboard. However, the key isn’t to use any kind of hangers, but seamless ones that ensure your clothing will not appear cluttered in your closet. Use shades of taupe, beige, and pastel to ensure every area of your closet is as cohesive and approachable as possible. The key is to make sure every inch of the closet feels like one unit.

Use Every Inch

Use every inch wisely to make the best out the space overall

Regardless, of how big or small your closet might be, you want to use every single inch of it. The trick is to use every area without making it look and feel cluttered. To just that consider using shelves and having them make a statement in a uniformed manner. It’s all about embracing the room and having it speak for itself. Bring in large shelves when you want to use as much space in the room as possible and smaller ones for the perfect contrast. The bigger the contrast the easier it will be on the eye.

Decorate around the Room

When it comes to decor, consider bringing in multiple light fixtures to make the room come to life. Furthermore, it allows you to bring as much light to you when you need it most

Sometimes the easiest foolproof tip to Spring clean a closet is to focus on the rest of the room. This is especially true when you have already done decluttering and want to add something extra to the room. Doing so will give the space an updated feel while still keeping the room chic. Once again, the key is not going overboard with your décor, and, consider simply adding an accent chair, some planters and even images that add to the room.

Don’t Over-clutter

Keep it minimal to truly embrace the room’s aesthetic and give it that expansive feel

If you have a lot of clothing and plan on keeping most of it, it might seem productive to place all of the ones with the same color theory in the same, area. However, that is not what you want to do! You want to separate your clothing by sections and allow each area to have a purpose. Whether you place the short sleeve shirts and the slow sleeve shirts together, you want there to be some sort of breathing room. Doing so will ensure you have enough space and mobility throughout.

Use Patterns

When it comes to pattern keep the space as chic and charming as possible, allowing you to make the room have that enchanting feel.

One secret closet designers, tend to keep close to their hearts is how much they love the pattern. The pattern isn’t just for the living room and the bathroom it is also for the closet. Pair your patterned bits together but break them apart by using a common color in-between. It’s all about working color into your pattern section, so you get the most out of the bold impact without taking away from it in general. Make sure your display feels chic and unique to make the most out of the room.

Not Everything has to be Displayed

Add shelving to create the most out the room and put away any bits of your clothing

The biggest mistake many individuals make when organizing their closet is wanting to display everything. Not every piece of clothing needs to be displayed. The trick is tucking in the ones that have seen better days and only displaying the fresh ones. Doing so will create contrast, while enabling you to put away those pieces that are still your favorite, but no longer feel or look new. Furthermore, this is a great way to easily clear up the closet.

When it comes to spring cleaning your closet its time to take a stand and do it the right way. Share with us below, your closet cleaning tips.


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