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Mocoloco Launches Kickstarter Project: Modular Shelving

A new modular shelving unit aptly named “Present” has been launched at Kickstarter by our friends at Monoloco. These are shelves for today’s lifestyles – small spaces with computers and skateboards and scooters to store. Each shelf element has multiple functions and modules can be added as needed, and as space allows. The box is a very cool add on for holding things from your pocket! The box can be positioned upright as a container, or sideways as a frame for those cherished mementos. This shelving is very carefully crafted — right down to using hidden brass inserts to hold them in place. The modules have been designed to piece together easily and for optimum shipping. The wood grain on the solid walnut is beautifully enhanced with natural oils. All components in this shelving are top of the line and fit together seamlessly. How many places in your house could you use shelving like this? And if you’d like get in on this project from the ground floor, head over to Kickstarter to contribute.

The “Pete” kit (above) is one module, plus two extra rails.
Just keep adding pieces as you need them!
The brass inserts are hidden when the shelving is put together.
One module: easy to piece together.
More information: Kickstarter


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