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Fiber Optic Table Runners for Special Atmospheres: DreamLux

DreamLux by Il Filo dei Sogni is a special fabric that emanates real light. The fiber optics are woven together with other fibers such as cotton, linen or viscose to create the DreamLux fabric, that only needs to be then supplied with LED energy in order to shine like a sky full of stars. This can be done either by plugging into a power supply, or by very small integrated batteries.
With these table mats and runners, your atmosphere will become magical and your guests will be enchanted. Whether you are setting the table inside or outside, make sure the room/space is dark enough so that your table can light it up in a mystical way. And forget the candles, this time you are dining by fiber optic light! DreamLux is an inert, completely harmless product. Despite the light it emanates, it remains cold as the LED light is “cold” and generates very low voltage. The runners and mats come in different fiber optic colors such as ice white, red, golden yellow, green and ocean blue, and they are sure to nicely match or contrast the color of your table ware. A real delight for the eyes!



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