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Soft Bathtub by Calyx – new flexible ‘Sophie’ adjusts to your body

Wow, talk about a custom fit! This innovative new soft bathtub actually conforms to your curves, for unprecedented customized comfort in the bath. The Sophie bathtub by Calix is made from a flexible material that melds to your body’s unique shape, offering unmatched support for a longer, more relaxing soak. And another bonus of this modern material is that it helps to maintain your bathwater’s temperature for a warmer bath. This bathtub features an elegant oval shape and a deep design that invites you to sink in and unwind. The tub is cradled by a rich Wenge enclosure; a freestanding design that you can easily position anywhere in your bathroom or bedroom ensuite. The Sophie soft bathtub measures 120 by 120 cm. For more information visit Calyx.


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