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Soft and Stark Living Room Interior

We see a complete contradiction in this living room interior – parts of the design are soft and sweet and others are stark and strong. Somehow it works. The space feels like it has a lot of personality – like you could feel in any mood here, just pick something to focus on. The black wall makes a very strong statement, highlighted by an orange side strip that matches the color of the wallpaper flowers and ties them together. The wallpaper and the black wall, side by side, are so contrasting. The area rug and the spherical pendant light mirror each other in feeling and also embody this sort or soft/stark quality of the room. The coffee table definitely plays for the stark team. All the white is good in a room like this – it neutralizes it somewhat and acts like a good backdrop for all the action happening here. The sofas are cushy and cozy and the soft furnishings are fun and lively. Very interesting space – a bit modern, a bit Scandinavian, a bit global.
via Planete Deco.



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