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Smooth retro-style armchair from de Sede

Taking the term “easy chair” to a new level of smooth, the DS-277 armchair from Switzerland’s de Sede Products is something straight from the Mad Men era, but with a more modern edge. Featuring a strong, masculine style reminiscent of dad’s den or office furniture, this sweet retro-inspired seat designed by Christian Werner features a high back and a structured seat upholstered in luxe leather, all set atop a slim, star-shaped base finished in polished chrome. Adding comfort to its cool look, the chair is infinitely adaptable to your body – it can be tilted backwards, and features adjustable headrest and extendable footrest to deliver that true, honest-to-goodness “easy chair” experience. All you need now is a snifter of scotch and a good cigar. Check it out by visiting de Sede.



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