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Small London Apartment With an Interior Window That Makes a Huge Difference

This is a no ordinary small apartment. Boasting quite a few square feet in its area, the modern home enjoys an open layout designed in the most contemporary style. Daniele Petteno Architecture Workshop made sure this small London apartment didn’t have the same problem (or rather a disadvantage) that all the others do – lack of light.

In the living room, the two big windows offer plenty of daylight exposure, but since the room is quite long, the kitchen on the opposite side would suffer had it not have a window into the bedroom.

Nevern Square Apartment
Living room storage wall makes for a colorful home library

The bedroom has a single opening of the same size as the living room windows, and that’s what allows the black kitchen bask in the glorious daylight. It helps that the pristine white bedroom walls reflect lots of it, rendering both spaces so much brighter.

Interior windows often make for creative solutions that help space take advantages from all possible sides. The layout of the kitchen and living area itself is also very interesting. The long wall houses minimal kitchen storage units, while the shorter one accommodates working and cooking tops. The farthest end of the kitchen also serves as a TV wall for the living area whose cubby storage wall forms a beautiful modern library.

Just like that, with a seemingly simple detail, a long spacious room continues and flows seamlessly into a more private area. Thanks to the curtains and blinds, the residents can rest easy during the night, and enjoy tons of light come morning.

Small London Apartment

Black kitchen punctuates the modern white design
Main room view from the bedroom
In the bedroom above the window there is additional storage space in a form of cabinets
Herb bed sits between the cooking top and the backsplash
Kitchen backsplash is a transparent glass window into the bedroom
Visual communication between the rooms makes for a very contemporary look
Light from the windows in both rooms travels either way
All-white bedroom especially stands out in the black kitchen frame
Minimal kitchen storage has plenty of room
The living room views also benefit the bedroom
Almost hidden storage allows the room to look so impeccable
Sunken home office allows to keep the desk in line with bed
A narrow corridor leads from the living area to the bedroom
Narrow shower and toilet are simply functional
A small window doesn’t offer great views but at least provides the room with some natural light
Second bath is more spacious
Ambient lighting keeps it modern and cool



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