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Small Bedroom Design Ideas That Are All The Rage

Having a small, cramped headquarter might seem disappointing or even discouraging, especially when you want to take your room from ordinary to extraordinary. The key to do so is taking into consideration the amount of décor you will use and the size of the room. Even the smallest room can be transformed and turned into a beautiful relaxing oasis. Here’s a guide on how to make your small bedroom come to life.

White on White

Add a contrasting shade for a beautiful pairing that makes sense in the room, without taking away from the brightening effect.

There’s always a good reason to layer hues of white, it feels fresh, airy all while making the room feel larger. White works well because you can add numerous items to the room to add texture. Adding an array of subtle pattern will bring dimension to the room, just like having a bold colored wall will too.

Bold Color

When in doubt, use similar tones. Doing so will bring that bold appeal while making sure you still have a bold color pairing.

Contrary to the idea above, consider having a bold color. Having bold hues in the room allows the space to feel more personal and chicer. Furthermore, it allows you to bring in hues that work well-together yet feel fresh to the room. Think shades of blue mixed with yellows or even orange. The idea is to bring something unexpected right where you need it most.

Sneaky Storage

The sneakier your storage is, the better! The room will feel more cohesive if your storage is put away and out of sight.

We are a huge fan of having sneaky storage in a smaller bedroom. The idea comes from smaller bedrooms not having enough storage, to begin with. In order to create a sneaky storage space, you want to consider having platform beds with dressers underneath. Doing so brings storage without creating clutter in the room. Think of it as the perfect sneaky twist.

Skip the Headboard

The grander your back wall is, the greater the room will feel even if you do not have a headboard.

Rather than having to build a headboard or have your headboard consume extra space in your room, consider skipping it in total. The idea is to remove your headboard and give the back of your bed the ample display it deserves. Turn your wall into the headboard you have always dreamed of having. Do this by painting it a unique color or having a daring wallpaper.

Wall Mounted Lights

Having your light fixtures mounted will make the room feel grander. The key is working with identical lights on both sides.

The beauty of wall-mounted lights is how light, space they actually take up. Furthermore, they eliminate the need to have side tables for lighting. If you have your bed nestled near your lamp, consider placing your lamp above your head instead. The idea is to remove the bulk while bringing a sleek appeal right where you need it.

Embrace Wallpaper

The bigger your wallpaper design the better it will feel and appear in the room.

It’s time to go wild with wallpaper! Wallpaper might seem a bit much for a smaller room, but it’s quite the contrary. Having a wallpaper helps create a cocoon-like aesthetic that brings just the right amount of beauty, color, and texture to any size room. Think of it as the perfect way of embracing the size of the room without shrinking it.

Get a Daybed

Make your daybed feel as calming as possible by adding an abundance of throw pillows and blankets.

If you live in a studio apartment or your room is quite small, having a daybed is the way to go. The beauty of having a daybed is how they can double up as a sofa when they’re closed. It simplifies your décor without drawing your attention away from what you already have. Furthermore, it’s a double-duty decorative item that adds its own special twist.

Bring in Built-in Shelving

A built-in shelf works well due to being able to have what you need where you need it, extremely close to you.

While built-in items might seem as if they might be overbearing in the room, it’s actually quite the contrary. Built-in shelves add more storage while making the space feel cohesive. Furthermore, they bring exactly what you need right where you need it making it easy to have in the room.

Amp up Your Cozy Touches

Focus on using light hues and having them display as often as you can, paired with enough throw pillows as possible.

Not every room needs to be cozy, but the bedroom should be. Having a cozy touch helps make the room feels ample without the need of lighter hues. You want to use an array of dark hues and bring just bits of neutral to have that added softness to the room. Pair with a fuzzy rug, soft pillows and an abundance of blankets for that oozing intimate approach.

Statement Pendant

The smaller your light fixture the better. You want a small, dainty item that makes sense and brightens the room overall.

In most cases, having a statement pendant is all you truly need to make a room come to life. Having an oversized pendant will make the room feel put together while giving you the lighting you want. Additionally, it creates the illusion of having a more expansive room. Think of it as a beautiful contrast, to the décor you already have.

How do you prefer to decorate a small bedroom? Let’s discuss below.


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