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Small 18th Century Apartment Redeveloped for a Modern Lifestyle

Historic apartments have the ability to layer in stories of tales untold but unless they have been redeveloped they just don’t live up to our modern standards of convenience and bright spaces. Margaux Beja was tasked with bringing an 18th century apartment in the historic district of Le Marais in Paris, France into the 21st century and the final result is Apartment Saint Paul, a small, gorgeous apartment filled with all the modern conveniences without loosing the historic character and charm.

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The original ceiling beams, including all their cracks, crevices and nail stains where respected and complimented with such details a as a series of hand woven baskets featured on the wall.

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The baskets are arranged carefully to organically follow the angled line of the ceiling while still including a void to acknowledge the ceiling beam.

3-apartment - 18th-century-redevloped-modern.jpg

Across from the wall of baskets a wall niche is painted black to highlight personal displays. The niche also doubles a side table for the chair next to it and a down light is casually hung from the ceiling behind the chair for reading.

4-apartment - 18th-century-redevloped-modern.jpg

Behind the reading station is the dining area and beside that is the kitchen.

5-apartment - 18th-century-redevloped-modern.jpg

The kitchen is designed as an island with a wall of solid walnut doors behind it that includes from left to right, the laundry room, shower, washroom and clothes closet.

6-apartment - 18th-century-redevloped-modern.jpg

The wall of doors are adjusted in height to accommodate the change of heights within the ceiling.

7-apartment - 18th-century-redevloped-modern.jpg

The island kitchen carries on the theme of natural wood used throughout the apartment but switches it up with a black stain the same color as the countertop.

8-apartment - 18th-century-redevloped-modern.jpg

A butcher-block station is located on one end of the island and on the end panel is a row of plugins for small appliances and electronic devices.

9-apartment - 18th-century-redevloped-modern.jpg

The kitchen is arranged to face the wall of doors and can use the dining room table as extra prep space when needed.

10-apartment - 18th-century-redevloped-modern.jpg

The wall of doors starts on the left with the laundry room, which includes a sink station.

11-apartment - 18th-century-redevloped-modern.jpg

Aside from the sink the room includes storage shelves and a ladder rack for hanging up towels.

12-apartment - 18th-century-redevloped-modern.jpg

To the right of the laundry room is the shower, which also includes storage shelves and a ladder rack for towels.

13-apartment - 18th-century-redevloped-modern.jpg

The shower is positioned right next to the wood towel ladder and includes a wall niche for the necessary soap and shampoos.

14-apartment - 18th-century-redevloped-modern.jpg

Next in line is the short door under the ceiling beam and behind this door is the washroom. The washroom is small but has been livened up with a pair of basket woven bull’s heads.

15-apartment - 18th-century-redevloped-modern.jpg

The sink is directly above the toilet seat and the water is used for the flushing mechanism.

16-apartment - 18th-century-redevloped-modern.jpg

The final door is the wardrobe. The space is small and has been designed for efficiency of space.

17-apartment - 18th-century-redevloped-modern.jpg

The wardrobe is positioned next to a glass wall that leads into the bedroom. The bedroom wall has been clad in glass to allow the room’s window to spill natural light throughout the apartment.

18-apartment - 18th-century-redevloped-modern.jpg

The bedroom windows are recessed into the sloped ceiling, The space is small and has therefore been decorated in white and pale shades of grey.

19-apartment - 18th-century-redevloped-modern.jpg

There is just enough room for one nightstand.

20-apartment - 18th-century-redevloped-modern.jpg

Across from the bed a TV is recessed into the wall.
Margaux Beja
Photography by Alexis Cottin and Julien Fernandes



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