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Sleek and Sumptuous Stainless Steel Kitchen by Abimis

Designed for the at home chef, the Abimis Kitchen is handmade in Italy from an impact resistant stainless steel that won’t “ding” when its bumped and the counters have been polished with an orbital buffer that gives it a “brushed” finish rather then a shiny one. The brushed finish is more forgiving visually to scratches or marks that come about through the normal wear and tear of everyday cooking.

Architect Alberto Torsello, with the help of Prisma designed the Abimis kitchen to be a restaurant quality kitchen made to order for your home. Every detail was considered from start to finish. Each chef goes through 5 phases when preparing meals and the Abimis kitchen is designed to account for each of them
The five phases of meals are; conserving, preparing, cooking, presenting and washing. Additionally the Abimis kitchen takes into account the organizing of a kitchen to make the five-step process as easy and efficient as possible.
While the functionality and efficiency of the Abamis kitchen is foremost, so to is the sleek and sumptuous design aesthetic. Architect Alberto Torsello not only wanted to design a kitchen to create great meals but he also wanted to design a kitchen that a chef would enjoy being in.
The sleek, sexy lines don’t stop on the outside of the cabinets but continue into each of the cabinets and drawers.
Drawers can be fitted with standard sized pans and trays that can easily be moved from the cabinet to the fridge, sink or oven.
Each storage compartment is fully sealed and each comes standard with full extension drawer slides for easy access to the back of the compartments.
All the internal and external joints are welded and rounded for both safety and hygiene, meaning there are no sharp edges to catch yourself on and there is no crevices for bacteria to hide.
The counters have a non-drip edge to contain water, or other liquids and stop them from spilling onto the floor.
They even took ergonomics into consideration, locating everything where it makes the most sense and where it is the easiest to use. The Abimis kitchen truly is a sleek and professional kitchen in the comforts of your own home.
Alberto Torsello


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