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Skaffa Wood Random By Piarotto: New Modular Bookcase Promotes Open Atmosphere

Skaffa Wood Random modular bookcases give any room an open atmosphere feeling. With the white and light wood you get a sense of airiness, nothing heavy about this book case at all. It makes a great room divider but it’s equally fantastic flush to a wall. The wood is laminated solid ash – with a gloss finish. The wood is protected but at the same time, you can feel the grain and the natural roughness. It’s super-easy to put together with just a few screws and simple instruction sheet. Built in Italy, you can purchase it – in sections – at Piarotto. You could use it in almost any room. This series would work well in a pantry, lots of opportunity to customize the height and length of the shelves. You could use it in the bathroom to hold towels or in the living room as a library wall. We love the simplicity and sleek look – it will truly fit anywhere. The wooden goose is free – buy a Skaffa Wood and you receive a FREE wooden goose in boots.

And remember this coolest bookcase? The Fitting Pyramid bookcase system is also from Piarotto:


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