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Simple Pool Family Home in Israel

Located in an urban area in full expansion, this modern one storey home was design by architect Luciano Santandreu for a young family with three children. The size of the plot being quite reduced, a good balance had to be found between indoors and outdoors spaces, so that the family can enjoy communal spaces and privacy at the same time. A big part of the house is dedicated to the communal spaces, with a big open kitchen , dining room and living room. This space communicates with the outdoors terrace and pool area through big sliding glass doors, which allows for free movement throughout the house combined with a lot of natural light. The simple rectangular pool extends to the border of the plot, and the space between the house and the pool is furnished with comfortable daybeds and lounge chairs. The terrace is protected by a flat roof with rectangular openings that filter the sun, while the pool enjoys full sunshine. The master bedroom is reduces in size and communicates with the en suite bathroom via a secret door which has been integrated in the wardrobe structure. The bed is a simple wooden podium, looking like a deck for the zen pond with concrete steps that is just outside the bedroom, accessible via glass widows. The interior design is simple and quite minimalistic, with bare white walls and large size grey tiles on the floor throughout the house. The abundant natural source of light is complemented by a lighting system made from a combination of integrated spot lights and design pendant lights that mark the main areas of the house.

The day area pf the house is completely open, favoring the free circulation of people and light.
The living area is placed in a U shaped pocket, and is organized around a low table. The generous sofa faces an integrated flat screen and long rectangular bio-ethanol fireplace.
The kitchen holds an important place in the design of the house, and is situated in another U shaped pocket opposite the living room. The furniture is contemporary, glossy white with Corian and wood work tops. The big island seems to be the favorite hanging out spot of the family.
The bedrooms are very simple, with minimalistic furnishing and decoration. The podium bed and the pond just outside the bedroom glass doors create a zen atmosphere.
The door to the bathroom is dissimulated in the facade of the wardrobe, in order not to break the harmony of the room.
The bathroom features a contemporary minimalistic design as well, with big tiles, a twin bathtub and a large shower cabin. The room is long but narrow, and the width sensation is increased thanks to the big mirror.
The windows are protected by wooden shutters that regulate the degree of sunshine penetration.


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