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Sicis Metallismo – Stainless Steel Tile Mosaic from The Art Factory

Metallismo Mosaic, made in Italy by Sicis, is the latest trend in modern mosaic – stainless steel tiles backed by a polyurethane resin support to prevent metal conductivity. Sicis’ Murano Smarto, Iridium, Glimmer, Waterglass and Synthesis mosaic collections captivate everyone but Metallismo may be the most intriguing… It’s available in stainless steel or brass finish. Metallismo mosaics are suitable for use on floors and walls, and especially in high traffic areas. It comes in many shapes and sizes including squares, mini bricks, ovals, dots, rhomboids, elongated octagons herringbone and basketweave. It fits many decor styles, from retro to industrial. Metallismo mosaic would be an especially good match with today’s commercial style kitchens.
Shown on the mannequin is Platinum color Glimmer glass tile with polychrome iridescent surface from Sicis.



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