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Stylish Armchair with Footstool – Shrimp by Cor

Relax in the new stylish armchair Shrimp from Cor. Offering support as well as comfort, Shrimp is ideal for minimalist decors, with its pared-down simplicity and unfussy design. The wood frame fits snugly around the cushions, almost hugging you as you sit in it – ideal for chilling in front of the television, reading a good book or just snuggling up for a quick nap. Choose from leather or fabric upholstery to suit your style, or maybe go for a wood finish to the outside of the armchair. Shrimp comes complete with a footstool – just the thing for putting your feet up – and has a fun swivel action. It complements a number of Cor sofa models and comes in several color options. Created for Cor by German designers Jurgen Laub and Markus Jehs. For further details visit Cor.



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