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Shower cabin by Glass Idromassaggio – new Andros cabins with sliding shower heads

The new Andros shower cabin range from Glass Idromassaggio will leave your bathroom with an impression of open space. Enclosed by 8mm thick toughened glass, each shower cabin is designed to be unobtrusive, blending into your bathroom decor rather than dominating it. The cabin glass stays sparkling clear due to the special Shining Glass® scale-preventative treatment it receives. A functional anodized aluminium structure grabs attention as the ultra-modern centralised control panel – and home to the many exciting shower functions. The Raindance shower head slides to reach where you need it most; the 8 side jets provide hydro-massage; a steam bath function comes as an optional extra. Enjoy the benefits to your overall well-being with the new Andros shower cabins from Glass Idromassaggio.



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