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Seura Television Mirror – new life of the bathroom mirror

seura television mirror Seura Television Mirror   new life of the bathroom mirror
With Seura Television Mirror a new home decor trend is being introduced – EDTV or HDTV LCD television is incorporated into a mirror. With Seura’s innovative design, a high-end TV is disguised behind a finely crafted mirror – you can’t see it when it’s off. When turned on, the LCD screen is visible as a window within the mirror. Install it in your bathroom, and enjoy your favorite programs while brushing your teeth, and without an obtrusive TV screen. Seura uses a patented mirror technology to produce a clear picture from the LCD when it’s on and to mask it when it’s off.

Television mirrors come in many standard mirror sizes (W x H): 24” x 36”, 33” x 36”, 45” x 36”, 57” x 36”, 69” x 36”. You can also order a custom TV mirror from Seura – contact them for quotation. Depending on the mirror size, you can choose 13″, 15″, and 20″ television size. It’s Sharp LCD TV and must be purchased with the mirror. The speakers are self-contained within the television mirror. You can hookup satellite dish, cable and a DVD player or external sound system via standard A/V inputs and outputs. A infrared remote control for LCD is included.



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