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SensiTile fiber-optic tiles – where the light moves!

SensiTile allows every homeowner to tile in style with its Scintilla and Terrazzo fiber-optic tiles. Scintilla and Terrazzo are two innovative tile lines by SensiTile that take bathroom decor to the next level by introducing an interactive element that adds some spice to standard tile design. The Scintilla product, seen here in the standard blue colorway, comprises hundreds of light conducting channels that have been carved out of a clear pigmented polymer. These fiber-optics create a reaction to movement and changes in light, causing the tile to ripple, shimmer, and to capture and disperse adjacent colors across its surface. Scintilla tiles can be used in vertical or horizontal applications and are available in front-lit or edge-lit versions. The Terrazzo tiles are equally as versatile and can be used on floors, walls, and even countertops. These tiles are composed of a durable concrete product that has been embedded with fiber-optics, which flicker and move as you brush past them. These hand-made tiles are a unique combination of organic material that has been infused with technology and invite everyone around to experience them. SensiTile Terrazzo tiles are available in front and side-lit versions, varying thicknesses, sizes, and colors to accommodate all your bathroom decor needs. SensiTile


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