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Home Sauna from Spas Wellness – a sensational all-in-one sauna!

Thermae sauna in Blue
Spas Wellness, inspired by Roman-period baths, present the incredible Thermae home sauna. The Thermae is a thermal cabin which combines light, color, steam, aromas, heat, mud and music to create an unparalleled experience of an exclusive spa – all in your home. Gorgeously designed both in and out, the aim of the sauna is to make you likewise: gorgeous inside and outside with a combination of therapies for the mind and body. Extensive treatments are available: steam bath, thermal mud, Roman bath, and a perfumed emotional shower, just to name a few! Meant to be enjoyed by yourself, or with a friend or two, the opportunity to totally unwind in the sauna is not to be missed. Indeed, those who take a holistic approach to health cannot fail to appreciate the benefits of adding the Thermae home sauna from Spas Wellness.
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Thermae sauna enrance
Thermae sauna top view

Spas Wellness Thermae home sauna


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