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Ideal Standard Tris shower cabin – shower, sauna and steam room in one cabin

In a space no larger that a bathtub, Ideal Standard now offer the luxury spa treatments of their Tris shower cabin. A three-in-one shower cabin, Tris pampers you with dry sauna heat, a hot steaming bath, hydro massage or a refreshing tropical rain shower. With so many sensual spa treatments in a single cabin, you’ll never have to choose when designing you personal luxury bathroom. A personal and private space, this Ideal Standard cabin allows you to relax and unwind at your own time and pace. With unique modern details like the wood control panel framed by illuminated glass icons, the Tris shower cabin blends modern technology with a serene natural wood. Offering an abundance of choice for your daily cleansing regimes, the Tris shower cabin from Ideal Standard brings decadence and luxury to your home.



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