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Sectional Modular Recliner Armchair from Futura

What a fantastically soft looking chair – big overstuffed pillows with a reclining back – could you ask for anything more? Oh yes, it’s modular, so you can create different positions, reclining at different rates, a corner piece, even put several together and create a sofa! This Fashion D’Autore chair is from Futura, the same forward-looking Italian company that brought us the sectional convertible sofa with storage box, which we have written about previously. The fabric has such flowing and almost spiritual lines, as if it is at one with its purpose. And repurpose… there are so many different ways you could use this. If you remove the reclining back completely, it becomes a pouf ottoman, push several together and you have a lounger or day bed. Build it in a corner, or built it in the center of the room as a sofa. And how easy is it to change your mind and move things around? This versatile chair would look fantastic everywhere from the sun room to the bedroom. But no matter where you put it, you’ll find it calling to you with its big overstuffed comfortable look.

The fabric pattern is mystical and flowing.
More information: Futura


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