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Double Swivel Recliner Sofa from Futura – Le Vele sofa: design in movement

For the ultimate in innovation try the fantastic double swivel recliner sofa from Futura: the Le Vele sofa is the definition of design in movement… Why? Because both cushions of Le Vele sofa can swivel a full 360 degrees! They can also recline to form two single beds or one double, or a large chaise lounge or two. Designed by Luigi Recalcati, this welcoming sofa is ideal for those with active social lives that demand furniture with adaptability of function. Le Vele sofa is ideal for urbanites lacking in floor space – but is such an iconic piece of furniture that it is also a great choice for those unconcerned about space. With a base of wenge wood or natural bleached oak, this sofa comes with removable mesh fabric covers and a back cushion. A sofa ‘with a thousand uses’: Le Vele sofa is from Futura.



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