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Seaside Sydney Retreat With Scenic Covered Patio Room

This home by Bourne Blue Architecture, located in an oceanside region of Sydney, is meant as a serene and connected interpretation of the classic vacation cottage. Built on a hillside lot in three distinct structural sections, the house still appears seamless from below and from inside. Only a direct sideways view reveals that it’s more than a single building, connected by a network of stairways and paths both indoor and out. The segmented style of architecture exhibited here allows for outdoor transit zones and living spaces between each branch of the dwelling, from a covered patio to a crowning rooftop deck. Its unique design lends itself to a perfect blend of beach and home, resulting in a summertime abode that works as more than just a cramped gateway to beautiful surroundings.
Because of the conventional architecture prevalent among the beach houses surrounding this new construction, Bourne Blue went for a restrained, semi-traditional look on the outside, dominated by cool colors and wood paneling. On the inside, however, the story is quite different. The living room, kitchen, and covered patio of the home are all integrated into a single open-concept area, brought together by careful accent lighting and a uniform design methodology. Each white-lined room has its own modern touches, chief among them being wall-height windows that expose breathtaking views of the sea below. With a bright color palette and open spaces, this cottage retains a greater connection to its surroundings than many more traditional designs, all while preserving the classically charming looks of a waterfront home.

The house sits on property in a historic beach district, covered with sand, scrub, and scraggly trees. Its construction honors both the land and the community’s beach cabin tradition, leaving the lot unkempt and keeping the exterior relatively traditional in style.
The living room and kitchen of the spacious cottage are styled in plywood-chic fashion, with furniture and even structural installations styled in the same light-colored manufactured wood. Combined with the white of the walls and the bright, floral colors of cushions and fabrics in each room, this choice of a bright, clean wood finish evokes an airy beach-house environment.
The adult bedrooms of the house are quiet, subdued areas, set distinctly apart from the rest of the home with low carpeting and smooth single-tone finishes.
For a vacation home, this children’s room is quite large, with a spacious swath of completely open flooring between its bunk beds and windowside seating. This serves as a play space, as well as a place for kids to go when they’ve exhausted their beach activities for the day.
By night, bright lighting built into and suspended from the ceiling keeps the public spaces of the residence radiant. This illumination contrasts the dark blue views out the window.
The living spaces of the home have thin panel walls which slide out of the way to allow access to a small deck and unfettered views of the water.
On the other side of the kitchen, past a retractable panel wall, sits a partially-open patio, covered by the same roof structure as the home’s indoor rooms. However, this space is actually a part of the deck, with an entirely open side on one end and a grill on the other, united by plank flooring.
Like many ocean cottages, the landscaping of this summer home is dominated by patio passages and stairways, allowing occupants to move from place to place without having to step inside, away from the sunny weather.
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