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Sculptural Home Features Two Pools and a Lake

sculptural spacious home 2 pools lake 1 reflections thumb 630xauto 47388 Sculptural Home Features Two Pools and a Lake

The ‘House in Somosaguas’ is a sculptural home on the outskirts of Madrid in Pozuelo de Alarcon. The architectural firm, A-cero, designed it to incorporate unique and interesting details throughout its various zones as well as a curvaceous modern profile within its architectural silhouette. A three-level home, the rooftop pool is located on the second level as an extension to the terrace just off of the social zone. A second interior pool is designed for children and is positioned directly below.

sculptural spacious home 2 pools lake 2 facade thumb 630xauto 47390 Sculptural Home Features Two Pools and a Lake

Street side, the house hides its size by stepping down the steep slope it’s built upon. While the rooftop pool is completely exposed to the street, the architects cleverly designed it to be hidden in plain sight.


The entry was designed as a minimalist statement, but even its minimal portrayal makes a grand statement. Flanked on either side by two large specimen trees, deep steps casually lead up to two massive solid wood doors. This is where the symmetry ends as the building itself swoops up on one side and stretches in a long linear line on the other. As dramatic as the architectural swoop is, it serves a functional purpose.


The swoop, made from the same texturized concrete as the rest of the structure, is actually a privacy wall for swimmers.


The front facade of the home is the end of the pool and it travels down the depth of the building before meeting up with its 3rd story entrance.


At night the pool is lit from underwater spots. It’s a beautiful setting.


Just below the indoor pool is also lit up and while it may not have the panoramic views, it does have a wall of glazings overlooking a private side garden.


As with the facade of the home, the side garden creates a minimalist statement that is filled with special moments – including a view to the lake out back.


The lake is not far from the home and the whole setting is one of nature at its best. It is here that we can really appreciate the architects’ choice of materials and shape. In complete harmony with the landscape, the horizontal shapes stack naturally, creating a stratified structure filled with glazed voids that emerge naturally from the earth like a grand formation of rocks and boulders.


The house has 3 levels with the lower level dedicated to health and leisure. It contains a bar, games room, chill-out space, massage room, projection room, cellar and gym.


The second story, or main level, is where the main hall is located a well as the living and dining rooms, master suite, gym, interior pool, kitchen and service areas. As with the other two levels, spaces are free of columns and other unnecessary elements that would inhibit the fluidity and openness of the desired aesthetics.


The third, topmost level of the home features a painting studio under a long and curved ceiling. The space is flooded with natural light and has the best views of the surrounding landscape.


Aside from designing the building, A-cero Architects also designed the landscaping, thereby ensuring a visual connectivity between the two.


A terrace at the back of the social zone is covered in glazings that slide and stack open and out of the way. When open, the division between the indoor and outdoor locations become blurred and inconsequential.

sculptural-spacious-home-2-pools-lake-15- social.jpg

The size of the house becomes apparent from the inside. The living room is large enough to hold three oversize couches, each capable of comfortably sitting five or more – and a dining area that seats 14.


A beautiful multi-panel mirrored sculpture creates a visual division between the dining and living areas.


On the far side of the living room, just behind the seating area, is a curved form similar to the one rising from the pool – but this one serves a completely different purpose.


This curve leaves the water element behind in favor of fire.


The kitchen continues the same architectural elements as presented on the facade of the structure. Only here, the curvaceous forms are a gleaming glossy white.


The central prep zone in the kitchen features a cantilevered section long enough for four bar stools on each side.


The main hall is the link to all the various zones within this volume, but it is also a place to showcase many of the homeowners prized art collections.


One of the areas off of the main hall is the master suite. Here, like the rest of the home, the floors are covered with big format white ceramic tiles and just like the hallway, the walls feature selected works of art.


The ensuite and the rest of the bathrooms are all finished in white aluminum.


On the other side of the hallway is a lounge area that opens up to the children’s pool. Here adults can keep a comfy close watch on the young swimmers.


There is also a room outfitted with a crib for babies surrounded by a large sectional and featuring a beautiful bold pop of beach creatures. How fun is this painting? I just love it.


The indoor gym also features fun graphics on its walls and I love how the step apparatus ties into the colors in the wall art.


Downstairs on the lowest level the scheme of white continues, as do the artsy moments.


This downstairs room looks out to the bright red abstract garden sculpture.


Did I mention there is even a 10 car garage? A-cero Architects Photography by Santiago Cobreros



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