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Black and white Belgium house with modern sculptural additions

This beautiful Belgium home by dmvA achieves a careful balance between old and new, preserving its classical charms while showcasing an innovative contemporary side. We say “careful” because the project wasn’t without its obstacles – namely, the neighbors’ approval of the intended design was required in order to get the building permit. While the architects refrained from a total transformation, they made subtle changes like a white facade, and a cool white pool overlooked by a pair of sculptural white additions topped with grass, linking landscape and architecture.

This suburb of Brussels, known for its green space, set the stage for this interesting home that teeters between traditional and contemporary. While its classical elements were left intact, these modern add-ons give it that much-needed modernity that takes the house to new heights. Painting this brick exterior home white gave it a fresh, new face.
The additions are angled inward, facing a patio and pool, and the garden surrounding it.
Not only are the additions angled in their facades, but their roofs are also slanted upward, maximizing the views and the natural light flowing in through the massive glass walls.
Topping the additions, a green roof adds yet another layer of lushness to the design.
Visible though the expansive glazing, minimalist interiors are awash in white. At least, that’s what you think.
On entry, interiors take a dramatic twist with black walls and ceilings, opening onto the white space you see from the outside. We love this drastic contrast! The ceilings, also black, feature recessed white zigzags, adding interest overhead.
The staircase is so much more than a means to ascend through the home. This spiraling, sculptural element is as much showpiece as it is a functional feature.
The kitchen is white, bright and spacious – not your typical culinary chaos, and not a spot you’d want to splash up with sauce and stains!
An unusual space in the home’s signature palette of dramatic black and crisp white.
Through the huge windows, sun streams in and green views are a serene scene and ever-present focal point.
Floor plan:
via Arch Daily
photo credit: Frederik Vercruysse


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