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Schimmel Pegasus Grand CC 208 P Piano – the piano of the future

Pegasus Grand CC 208 P, a piano of the future, was created in a close cooperation between Schimmel and Professor Luigi Colani. The spaceship-like cabinetry holds a top-quality traditional grand piano – the Schimmel / Colani Pegasus grand seems to be flying in the air … just like in Greek mythology. Indeed, Pegasus CC 208 P is
built using high-tech materials and modern techniques employed by aircraft and automobile manufacturing. Schimmel, Colani

This elegant piano is finished with car body lacquer and is available in any color out of a high-grade automobile lacquer range. Shown (right) is the CC 208 in mother-of-pearl white. The futuristic look comes with unbelievably pure sound and ergonomic features such as a slightly curved keyboard, 6-ways adjustable stool, electrically operated top lid and more. Weighs 580 kg or 1300 lbs.
Schimmel Pegasus Grand in Jet black


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