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Scarlet Red Delightful Day Bed by Casali

Isn’t this the most delightfully fun day bed you’ve seen in a while? Look at those curved legs, aren’t they awesome? The bed is a cross between Victorian (horns and curly-queues) and Art Deco (simplistic, flowing) styles – and they’ve pulled the two together very nicely. The 3041 day bed by Casali is part of the company’s new Transitions line. And what a lovely red – talk about a fainting couch! Can’t you just see Ms. O’Hara throwing the back of her hand to her forehead and falling helplessly on this piece of furniture? It would certainly be at home in a boudoir-style bedroom – maybe with a chandelier? Or maybe in the den/library. Can’t you imagine stretching out in your satin robe to relax and read a book? Wouldn’t that make you feel like Marilyn Monroe?
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