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Rustic & Modern Barn door design ideas

Rustic décor has truly taken over the world by storm, you can almost say this decorating style has become the style of the century. Not only is it reliable, chic, charming, and gets the job done, but it sure does look great when it is paired with other items the right way. One particular, rustic touch that is trendy and charming is- barn doors. Barn doors are no longer a thing for outside, they’re now the ultimate door display to have. With that being said, it’s time to swap out your current doors and try these rustic yet modern barn door ideas.

White and Endured

When it comes to getting a weathered display, use barn doors that have texture to them.

To take full advantage of having your character displayed in a room, consider changing your current master bedroom door into a barn door. Now the key to doing this the correct way is to paint it white and get a weathered one. Your door should appear almost as if it’s been there forever, but with an airy essence to it. It’s all about making the room feel fresh and charming with a twist of endearment.

Bring in the Glam

Upgrade your barn doors by adding mirrors to them for a chic finish. Not only will this create an upgraded appeal but it will instantly make the room feel larger.

One thing many people aren’t aware of is that barn doors have a sound barrier element to them. What this means is it creates a sort of muffled effect when it is used in a room. The idea here is to use them as part of your kitchen for a seamless divider that also gives you a bit of peace when you’re cooking or trying to listen to a recipe. Consider using barn doors that have some sort of texture to them for a glam feel that’s seamless and chic.

Closet Style

If you want to create a more weathered approach with paint, consider going for a door that has a texture that you can easily paint over.

If you have been seeking a way to revamp your walk-in closet, or a closet in your room, barn doors are the answer. They’re great to conceal any mess you might have behind them while being easy to slide. Consider having sliding barn doors for a chic, charm that makes them that much more engaging to the room. If you want an airy feel to them paint them a light shade of gray or even taupe.


The lighter your pinewood the grander the room will be. It’s the perfect excuse to create a contrast.

When it comes to considering what shade of wood to use, you want to take into notion how you want the room to feel. Are you looking for a charming feel? Something edgier? Or do you want to have just a hint of wood? If any of these sounds like something you need, pinewood is the answer. Not only is it light and airy but it’s just as charming. Think of it as the perfect blend between having a strong wood aesthetic and being just as chic.

Stylish Room Divider

Keep the rest of your decor as put together as possible to truly showcase what the room has to offer.

For those that have an open floor plan and have been considering dividing the rooms to create a more private space, bringing a barn door as a divider is a way to go. Barn doors make great stylish bits as they have an industrial appeal that is felt throughout. Furthermore, making them sliding barn doors will instantly upgrade the room.

Large & In-charge

Use a darker navy when you want a bold appeal, and a lighter one when you want to showcase what the rest of the room has to offer.

Barn doors are not the smallest item to have they’re quite large. Due to how large they can be it only makes sense for them to be the main focus of any room. But here’s their beauty, you will never hear another door slam, especially if you have them as a sliding element. Using a 5-foot-wide barn door and painting it a dashing shade of navy will give the area a harmonious facelift.

Two is Better than One

The grander your two doors are the better they will appear when you put them together in a room. It’s all about making a chic statement.

We have all heard the quote “two is better than one” and in this case, that is true. Why have one wood door panel when you can have two? Two barn doors displayed together serve not only as doors but as statement pieces as well. Think of them as the perfect element to have when you are seeking to have a bold attraction, that is rustic, but alluring at once.


If you truly want to go as industrial as possible contemplate having them with a metallic finish. Doing so will instantly make your area come to life.

So maybe rustic, barn doors are not your desired decorating style, and that’s fine, especially, if your home is more on the modern side. If that is the case, look no further due to barn doors coming in an industrial appeal as well. The trick is installing one that is minimal and simple and painting it black. Nothing screams, modern, edgy and industrial quite like large barn doors that are jet black. Work it into your décor and allow them to make a statement on their own add a handle and you are set to go.

Pantry Entry

You might even want to consider having pantry doors with a chalk paint finish so you write as you go.

Does your pantry need a revamp? If so, bring on a barn door. Barn doors are great when it comes to adding a versatile touch to any aspect of your home. Additionally, they’re extremely convenient and charming to look at. They’re easy to slide, big enough to cover whatever you need to be covered and they come in numerous shades of wood. Furthermore, you can paint them to match whatever décor you have going on.

Bathroom Upgrade

When it comes to having barn doors for your bathroom, we recommend having light shades as it will give your bathroom an instant upgrade.

Using barn doors is all about upgrading the space without having to completely change its appeal. That is perfect for those that have two bathroom’s and one of them requires a little bit of a facelift. Bring in colorful barn door and allow it to be the focus that the room needs. Consider painting it a pastel shade to truly enhance what you want the room to showcase. It’s all about bringing something new to a traditional area of your room. Plus, let’s not forget the bathroom doesn’t get any attention especially a smaller bathroom.

Have you ever considered having barn doors? If so, what is your favorite way of displaying them? Please, share with us your ideas below.


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