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Rustic Living Room Ideas for a Cozier Touch

Cozy, comfortable and laidback, three essential words that everyone wants to use when describing their living room. Who doesn’t want to sit in a cozy space that is so comfortable you don’t want to leave? From dark and traditional to vibrant and modern the following living rooms will bring a chic fall vibe that is sure to showcase how to make your living room twice as cozy with a simple rustic touch here and there.

Barn inspired Details

In the case, of not finding where to place your barn-inspired decor, consider your ceiling. It’s sleek, welcoming and an excellent place to get creative with your decor.

Is there anything that screams rustic quite like barn-inspired decor? We think not! Which is why we had to begin our guide with this beautiful chic idea. The idea is bringing a balance between modern and rustic. That’s exactly what barn-inspired decor does. It’s the perfect in-between hint. Being barn doors and warm browns to give you the perfect vibe. Pair with creamy beige for that well-rounded approach.

Neutral Palette

Bring an overall classic approach by adding as much wood into your neutral palette as possible for an expansive feel.

A neutral palette is always a great idea. Whether you are decorating for fall or you simply want to bring a hint of neutral to the room, creating a palette around the color scheme will work extremely well. Blend in wood shades and work them with blends of gray, navy and beige to give your neutral palette a more modern aesthetic.

Wood, Wood & more Wood

Use multiple shades of wood for a unique contrast that adds a welcoming, yet cozy touch.

Wood is the epitome of rustic decor so it makes sense to bring it into the room as much as you can. If you truly want to go big with your decor, add a wood panel wall for a statement piece that is still very rustic. It’s one of those accent pieces that does not take away from the rooms overall feel.


Keep your seating as asymmetrical as possible to make the room have a modern, classic approach

Keep your decor in an asymmetrical format for a modern feel that is still rustic. It’s not about changing your decor, it’s about opening up your decor and allowing it to breath more with crisp and clean lines. These lines help the modern appeal while the rustic decor stands out from the rest. The key is using crisp, clean upholstery that does not overstuff the room.

Whitewash Brick

Bring a whitewash your fireplace, wood to give it a fresh new take to an old classic

If you love the look of brick, but want to bring something fresh and new with a rustic twist, bring a whitewash to your brick. Not only will doing so refresh any old brick you might already have but it will further enhance the rustic touch you are adding to the room. It’s a balancing act that will make the room feel warmer.

Load the Room with Texture

Bring as many throw pillows as possible to your living room for a daring touch that is oh so charming

Fall is all about texture and you want to bring that in a big way. Doing so will instantly warm up any room. It’s all about having the living room become one of the coziest room with a large dose of comfort. Bring in blankets, baskets, as well as patterns. Patterns add a layered approach right where you need it most. Even if you add only two-layered items the pattern will make it feel twice as bold.

Pickled Wood

Pickled wood ensures you get a lavish feel in the room without taking away from the overall feel of the room

Give your walls a fresh touch by picking your walls. Pickles walls work because it gives them an extra dose of texture. It’s all about making your wood feel new and warm. Having this minimal effect will bring a cabin feel to the entire room. Furthermore, it makes the room feel brand new without a lot of effort needed. It’s about keeping the space sleek without spending a whole lot of money.

Focus on the Fireplace

Direct all your decor towards your fireplace to make the room come to life in an overall cozy manner.

If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace, it’s time to embrace it and fall in love with it once again. Face all of your decors in the direction of your fireplace to truly make it the statement of the room. Having your decor facing in that direction will make the room come to life with a warm hue. Decorate your mantle to further showcase that it’s a main focus in the room.

French Doors

Allow your french doors to be the staple in the room for a brightening effect that seamlessly blends the indoor space with the great outdoors

While you want the room to feel warm and cozy you also want a freshness to flow throughout and that’s where French doors come into play. They make the room feel large without taking away from the decor. It’s a welcoming feature that also feels sleek and luxurious. Add a dark trim to your French doors to upgrade the warm aspect of the room.

Dark Paint

Bring a navy hue for that dark richness that makes the room feel sleek and modern with a comfortable feel

A simple touch to add to a room for a cozy aspect in dark paint. Paint your walls a darker hue when you want to make the room have a classic, charm. Even if you only do an accent wall, in a rich hue, that will be enough to expand on the rooms rustic aesthetic.

How do you bring a rustic hint to your living room? Share with us your decorating tips below.


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