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Rustic Industrial Living Room Ideas to Inspire

It’s no secret that rustic décor has taken the design world by storm. As of recently, the beloved décor trend has become a bit more modern with the help of industrial allure. Quite appealing due to how effortless its styling is, featuring exposed brick, unfinished lines and unrefined mechanical ingenuity this type of styling is here to stay. The following ideas will inspire you to try rustic, industrial décor for your living room space.

Explore Local Buildings

Taking inspo from local places allows you to get creative without over budgeting yourself. Additionally, it allows you to have what you need exactly where you want it.

Taking a moment to explore local buildings is one of the best ways to get inspired. Most local buildings are a bit heavier on industrial décor due to how they’re traditionally structured. Take a moment and notice how the layout of these buildings are in order to find the right inspiration. One of the most important steps to take notice of is the ceiling, notice how open and exposed your ceiling is. Doing so will showcase exactly how you want your ceiling to appear.

Minimal Detailing

The key to industrial decor is working on having as few details as possible. Doing so will make any living room feel grand and spacious.

When it comes to finding furniture that is a part of your new decorating style, going minimal is key. Your furniture pieces should feel minimal yet have a bold appeal weaved in. The idea is to have wooden elements with a metallic pairing. Doing so will bring a unique vibe to your décor while still being rustic and industrial.

Concrete Flooring

Having concrete flooring is great for that edgy charm that is still seamless and quite cohesive. Furthermore, it adds aloft touch to your space.

If you have wooden floors yet want a rustic, industrial twist, it may be time to change your flooring to concrete. Concrete floors have a “tough” appeal to them, they make any room have a warehouse feel that is seamless yet cool all at the same time. Add minimal furniture to complete the easy laid back look and pair it with hints of greenery for an extra dose of sleekness.

Consider Artsy

When it comes to adding an artsy feel to the living room you want to consider having as many art pieces as possible. Doing so will create a memorable display.

When in doubt, consider an artsy twist. Art is personal to each and every person which is why it works so well in an industrial setting. Add fun pieces that have a lounge allure yet feel cohesive with what you are trying to portray. Leather sofas create a sleek charm while unique chandelier adds that dose of luxury, we all know and love. Consider using steel frame furniture to bring a warehouse approach that blends particularly well.

Faded Wallpaper

The beauty of faded wallpapers is that they feel vintage yet crispy all at once, they’re the perfect in-between blend of both worlds.

A faded wallpaper does wonders to an industrially decorated living room because it adds an additional layer of décor. Consider it perfect for a living room that is missing a little something unique yet needs to be minimal and simplistic. Use a neutral hue with a hint of darkness weaved in to create the perfect pairing that has that classic faded charm.

Bright Pops of Color

Industrial decor doesn’t exactly lend itself to be colorful, however, when done properly color can add a daring twist right where you need it.

Pops of color are always a good idea, even for industrial décor. While industrial décor is known for being more monotone, and even a bit on the neutral side, adding a pop of color is always a good idea. Use hints of vibrant tones to truly bring an eclectic appeal that is minimal and fun while helping enhance the living room aesthetics.

Exposed Brick

Exposed brick is great when you want to add texture, character, and something unique to the room that doesn’t take away from what you already have.

As previously mentioned, exposed brick is a classic appeal to have in an industrial living room, it adds a rustic touch while providing an irreplaceable form of an exposed element. If you really want to make a statement, consider having a large exposed brick display as one of the main elements of your living room. Pair it with leather furniture for the perfect pairing.

Mix & Match

Blending your decor together is an excellent form of adding as much appeal as possible to the room while having a unique display.

They say mixing the old with the new is a match made in heaven and we happen to agree. There is something about having a blend of décor that seamlessly comes alive when they’re paired together. Consider this one of the best forms of saving your décor while embedding a new twist. Hang modern appliance and pair them with industrial lighting for that contrast that makes sense to the room.

Consider your Lighting

Consider having multiple different light fixtures for a unique pairing that makes sense to the room. Furthermore, you want to bring warm lighting for an ethereal glow.

Lighting is extremely important when it comes to your décor, even in industrial styling where things tend to be grungier, less structured. The simple use of industrial chandeliers and light fixtures can brighten a room tremendously without much work or effort needed. Consider this the easy way of evolving your décor without the unnecessary hassle. Use one big light fixture to make a bold statement or multiple ones for a softer approach.

Bold with Texture

When it comes to texture, you want to add an abundance of it, including a rug, wallpaper, sofa and in your light fixture.

We not only love the look and appeal of texture, but we love how easy it is to work texture in! Use multiple lines and silhouettes to make a grand appeal while still remaining true to your decorating style. The idea is to have these different textures make sense, yet feel fresh and new all at once.

Are you into industrial décor with hints of rustic? If so, share with us your favorite decorating tip below.


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