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Urban Rooftop Oasis: Hot Tub, Fireplace and Theater

rooftop-oasis-hot -tub-fireplace-and-theater.jpg
What a roof deck! How perfect is this? This rooftop oasis is perfectly private, using a living wall that keeps the environment natural looking. The green screen also helps hide the plumbing. Just step upstairs, and it’s like being at the cabin, but you’re in the middle of the city. Created by HGTV’s Novogratz family, who are New York-based home designers, this space provides the ultimate escape from the city that surrounds you. As if having a hot tub on an urban rooftop isn’t decadent enough, add a fireplace — so that friends who want to join the conversation without getting wet will be comfortable too! And while you’re there, we all know it can get pretty boring when you’re hot-tubbing alone, so let’s add a flat screen TV. And then, add the aforementioned living screen for privacy. You’ve got the ultimate hide-out in the middle of town. No cell phones allowed!

More information: Novogratz


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