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Recycled Concrete Sink by Gore Design – interesting custom work

Gore Design custom recycled concrete sink
This handsome sink is an example of the custom work undertaken by Gore Design using recycled concrete. Concrete lends itself particularly well to this imposing form, moodily lit for dramatic effect. But, what kind of sink do you envisage for your home? Wherever your imagination takes you Gore Design can follow, rendering your ideas in solid from. It’s also great to know that the company specializes in producing customized countertops, sinks, furniture and architectural elements using eco-friendly methods. For example, Gore Design reports that their concrete sinks are no longer water polished, they are now dry polished, saving 600 gallons of water per project. They do not use plastics or chemicals in their studio, and they use reclaimed and non-toxic materials. Perhaps it’s time to interpret your dream sink with the help of Gore Design!


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