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Rectangular Tub Design from Wet Style – the Cube freestanding tub

These contemporary bathtubs from the Cube collection at Wet Style demonstrate how a simple rectangular tub can turn your bathroom into a showroom. A freestanding tub with a modern, sleek shape can define or transform your bathroom space. The Cube series includes various freestanding designs inspired by the simplicity of the rectangular, each featuring straight, smooth sides with slender edges. The minimalist aesthetic of these designs creates a sense of purity that one would desire from a bathtub. These bath tubs have various features, depending on the model, and are composed of Wetmar, an ultra-resistant composite that can be ordered in a glossy or matte white finish. They also include wenge-colored bathtub caddy that beautifully compliments the crisp, white surface of this rectangular tub. Wet Style



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